Part Fifty Three
This Should Be Interesting

"LuckEEEE!" and "YES!" screamed Rocko and Buster about the exciting thing you had to think about. It would have been one of those bonding moments in the movie if Rocko had said something other than 'LuckEEEE!" He then gloated, "This should be interesting."

Buster ran in a circle. Then he pulled his Ukulele out of his Ukulele holster. Then he ran in another circle. Then he ran in another circle.

"Well, less interesting than I expected," sighed Rocko. Buster strummed an irritating tune that created a Magickal Bolt which hit a Giant Rat in the head.

Harry waved his arms all over the air and cast another Magick Pinch at a Giant Rat. The Giant Rat was pinched in half by Magickal Forces which are unexplainable and that's why they're Magick.

"Don't worry everyone. I am here now," bragged Harry.

"Nice work, old man!" applauded Rocko sarcastically. Unless it was sincere. Which it probably wasn't.

"High Roller Harry," Turf nicknamed. But the nickname didn't stick. But it could probably stick in the movie since it's the kind of name a good guy would have.

54. Turf Knows Shit

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