Part Fifty Two
More Rats To Fight Thanks To Buster

"I'm not joking," riddled Turf. "Now look!" Turf pointed to all the Giant Rats that had chased the Farmer and Buster out of the sewer.

"Turf, we could take the hides of the rats and make you a great rathide cape! Like Hercules lion cloak. Only...rats...," exposed Rocko, referring to the great Hercules who battled lots of space villains with his Schmoo and his dinosaur that shot rocks from its horn and the big gorilla thing too. "Man, Buster's dead," promised Rocko.

"Oops, Buster's dead," believed Turf.

"Ala kazam," spell-casted Harry, pinching a Giant Rat with his magick tricks.

"Ouchie!" screamed the Giant Rat that didn't want to be magick pinched.

"Cool," toughed Rocko not realizing Buster was about to sing in which case he probably would have said 'Uh-oh.'

"Turf, you could have been a hero. But now you're just a zero. Afraid of going down a hole, hope The Bad God takes your soul. Oh, Turrrrrf." No, wait! Rocko should have said, 'Uncool,' not Uh-oh. That makes it funnier.

Dade the Sneaky Guy sneaked up on a rat and poked it with the wrong end of his poison dagg (which is a weapon smaller than a dagger. Which hardly makes it a weapon at all). The Giant Rat pretended not to notice that it was hardly hurt at all. Turf, who had been heading over to the Cyclops Cave, came jogging slowly back up to help defeat the Giant Rats. Rocko continued to laugh at Buster being chased around by the Giant Rats. Buster had stopped being chased and was just cowering now. So Rocko laughed at that too.

Just then, suddenly and excitingly, a Giant Rat launched itself at Turf! Turf zagged it and zigged it and it missed completely!

"What a dodge, Turf! Sweet! You go girl!" cheered Rocko.

"Bah!" replied Turf. The rest of the rats began trying to chew on Buster but none of them could for some reason that's really exciting when you think about it. Which gave Buster the great idea to pull out his Magickal Ukulele and sing some songs to save himself.

53. This Should Be Interesting

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