Part Fifty One
The Farmer Out Of The Hole

"Oh yeah," agreed Turf as he dusted off his Tow Shield. Buster stomped his little foot impotently and followed the farmer toward the hole just as the farmer came running out screaming with more rats chasing him.

"I can see it now. Turf, the Rat Killer," agented Rocko.

"It's nasty in there," beat the dead horsed Turf.

"I thought only the elf was gay," masculined Harry as he watched Buster run away from the new giant rats like a giant girl. Turf laughed.

"Poor Buster!" guffawed Rocko which means he laughed a lot.

"Where is Buster going?" pleased Harry.

"We need to kill the Queen Rat! Turf, help me!" wailed Buster who must have read something about Giant Rat Society (which was wrong) to think there was a Queen Rat. Rocko clapped giddily as he awaited Buster's face being gnawed off by a Giant Rat Queen.

"If you lure her out, I will slay her," boasted Turf.

"Wow, that sounded heroic," admonished Harry.

"You are the worst hero ever, Turf?" quizzed Buster.

52. More Rats To Fight Thanks To Buster

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