Part Forty Eight
The Horrible Hole Song

"We must go down that hole. It may be a stinky foe. But we'll beat this farmer's woe. Down that hoe, I mean hole, we go," stank up the roomed Buster (worse than the hole). Even Dade's sneakiness couldn't help him hide from the horror of this tune although he tried. And Rocko shook from aural convulsions (not the sexy kind).

"The Bad God says we must go after the Cyclops!" lied Rocko because The Bad God wouldn't have been fooled by Lola's lie and would know there was no Cyclops (foreshadowing!).

"Turf! There's your song! Let's go!" lisped Buster.

"That song stank worse than that hole," said Corky, repeating my joke from earlier. But it was my joke first.

"More rats? How heroic is that?" peer pressured Rocko.

"It doesn't rhyme right," conceded Turf.

"It's modern! It doesn't have to rhyme right!" barfed Buster in defense of his whole style of singing and not just his latest song (which had no hook, by the way). Modern just means no ability to rhyme songs.

"I'm a traditional Hero, Buster," checkmated Turf and sealed their fate due to his extreme logick.

"Dade, why are you hiding?" asked Rocko. Apparently Dade didn't sneakily hide good enough from the song like I mentioned earlier but am reminding you of now.

"Rocko is talking about heroics but he is so far back I can barely hear him," metaphored Harry about how far away Rocko is to being Heroic.

49. No One Listens to Dade

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