Part Forty Nine
No One Listens to Dade

"No one listens to me. So they might as well not see me either," planted Dade about all those times he said they should hunt the Kobolds and nobody said anything so he had to keep repeating it. Also, about that thing about the caves being the same except even he didn't know at the time how much everyone should have listened to that.

"What did you say?" rubbed it inned Rocko.

"I need to write a song about heroics not about getting money from a contract," screamed Buster like a big baby. Because killing a Cyclops that is eating the sheep of a sheep rancher wouldn't be heroic in any way at all because it involves payment. What a douche (was what everyone was probably thinking). A douche is used to help gargle, by the way.

50. The Farmer In The Hole

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