Part Forty Seven
The Cyclops Cave!

Just then, they all spotted the Land Pirates, I mean, the Cyclops Cave just past the farm. Lucky day (except for Dade and Rocko).

"We can't leave the farmer to suffer again. Besides, 'rat' is easier to rhyme with than 'cyclops'," revealed Buster his true motives. What a lousy Singing Guy! Cyclops rhymes with lots of stuff. Like, Cyklops and Syclops and some other things that this sentence foreshadows for later because I don't want to reveal too much of my plot beforehand. But believe you me, I thought of a lot of rhymes!

"Buster, if you can write a nice song about that stinky hole, I'll consider going in," nobly challenged Turf. "Until then, we need to find a big stick." Rocko stared at The Hero stroking his chin with his finger and his other finger (probably his thumb finger).

"Drat, drat, drat. There's a Cyclops...See? It doesn't work," songwrote Buster to prove that he had no skillz at all. Which we all knew so this part will probably be edited out by the editor who pays money to me for the rest of the story that will remain.

"I'm going to poke that things eye out," unsubtly revealed Turf about his big stick line earlier to all of the people who don't get jokes unless they're poked in the eye with them. Like Roy.

"Shit yeah!" continued to support Rocko for malignant reasonings. "The pipe is pooping oil and blood! Let's get out of here!"

48. The Horrible Hole Song

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