Part Forty Six
Nobody Follows Buster's Dumb Plan

"I guess I can," false-hoped Turf. "Oops, I mean can't," he disappointed. Rocko tried to cast the spell Baleful Look at the farmer but failed because he doesn't know that spell or it doesn't exist yet.

"Why are you afraid of the Cyclops?" wondered Corky to everyone who was afraid of the Cyclops like total girls. Smart girls, though, because a Cyclops would totally kill them all.

"F the Farmer. He has no daughters," mysteriously child-school rhymed Harry. I wonder what G is? G the goat. He has no cheese?

"I am afraid of the Cyclops," nobly admitted the smart girl Dade.

"Good Turf! Making decisions on his own!" admired Rocko because Turf made a decision that matched his own.

"I'm not afraid of no Cyclops. Let's go get it," stupided Turf deathwishingly.

"Yay!" supported Corky moreso because he'd be the first to die.

"Dade, the Cyclops will never smack you, you wiley guy, you," commented Deadmanwalking Rocko to his soon to be in the afterlife buddy.

"Turf, we need to take care of this first before going after the Cyclops," nagged Linear. I mean, Buster.

"*SOB*" sobbed the Farmer.

"Yay!" supported Rocko which should have led Turf to realize that he was doing what the Bad God Guy wanted and thus it must be bad. Or cool!

"Corky, you are so lucky I can't hit you," non-threatened Dade to Corky for supporting the Hero who he was sidekicking it with.

47. The Cyclops Cave!

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