Part Thirty Two
Nobody Knows When to Say Dibs!

"Dibs!" yelled Dade inappropriately while Buster poked at him. Rats lay slaughtered all over the place amidst guts and sewer poop and mud. And blood also.

"What about rat treasure?" greedily asked Buster. "And experience?" he also asked stoopidly not realizing that he just had the greatest experience of his life so far! "And treasure!"

"Rats don't have treasure," incorrectly explained The Hero.

"Let's pillage the farm house!" idead Rocko even though it was a farmhouse in Simplagul and all he could hope to find would be cabbages and dust bunnies (not the predator, just the hair). The farmer (who was now conscious since he had time to recover during the fighting and praying and complaining) grabbed his pitchfork protectively.

"Let's go talk to the dad!" said Buster predicatblively.

"Thanks for that, Turf," sighed Rocko. "Listen everyone! No one search the rats for treasure because rats don't have treasure!" advised Rocko. Everybody listened to his advice and nobody ever found the rat's treasure. Except maybe the farmer or his kid after the Fantasyer's left to kill the Cyclops. The treasure made them wealthy beyond imagining. And this would have made them happy but King Felloni (the King of Simplagul) found out and taxed them until they had nothing left again.

"Now, ya ain't all fixin' to pillage me, are ye?" medievally drawled the Farmer.

"No sir!" spilled The Hero.

"They have the treasure of the people they have eaten," helped Dade, hopefully talking about the rats and not the Farmer. But nobody listened to Dade again so nobody found any treasure since saying Dibs! didn't mean you looked for treasure. It only lets you pick first after treasure has been searched for and found. But it never was found. Or searched for, even.

"This guy was!" Rocko accused Turf (about the pillaging that Dade interrupted) with a pointy finger as Buster again began to sing.

33. Buster Mentions Cats

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