Part Thirty Three
Buster Mentions Cats

"We fought a bunch of rats! But we didn't get squat-s. What was the point? We saved the joint. Why don't you buy some cats?" withered Buster.

"We cain't afford no cats," blamed the Farmer.

"Dad! Dad! These guys saved our farm!" celebranded Poo Boy.

"You best give us our reward because The Hero here gets mad when there's no reward," Rocko thought he lied but was probably pretty close to the truth.

"And mean too!" agreed Buster, finally having something to do in common with Rocko. Buster dug into his purse and pulled out two Goldoons which he handed the poor farmer. The farmer's eyes fell out of his head and he put them back in while taking the Goldoons also.

"Well, I ain't got nothing of value. I ain't even got cabbages since this here farm is subsidized to not grow cabbages," confused the Farmer. He also lied because he had two Goldoons also (which have a value of two Goldoons).

"Subsidized?" wondered Buster.

"Hey Farmer, do you have a bathroom?" asked Rocko for some reason since there are no bathroom rules in Roller Playing.

"We just go in the sewer outflow," answered the Farmer. "But watch yeself. That's where them thar rats came from."

"Oh. Do you have anything to eat?" planned Rocko meanly.

"We's got Rat now!" hee-hawed the Farmer while licking his lips and his son's lips. Or his son licked his lips too. His own lips. They each licked their own lips, that is. Unless more stories would be sold the other way and then they made out with each other and did it. Unless that is wrong. Then he just said," We's got Rat now!" and forget about the lip stuff.

34. Dade is Upset

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