Part Thirty One
Buster's Future's Not Bright

"I'm the only one with lyrics!" whined Buster.

"RA-AT! You're what I need! But you say you're just a friend! Yeah you say you're just a GET OFF MY THROAT ACK!" sang Rocko coolly and smokily.

"Well, Buster, I think probably if you hadn't pissed off The Bad God, you might have had a future in showbiz," Rocko laughed heartily and heartfelty and heartfully also.

"Bad God, schmad god," stoopidly retorted Buster (not because it wasn't a good retort. It was! But the retort would later help to haunt him like his other comments).

Meanwhile, since there is a battle raging on I should get back to, Dade sneakily snuck up on the rat Buster had been attacking.

"That's my rat!" possessified Buster just as Dade splattered it from here to Timbuktoohard (that's in Yellowlandia) and Corky demolished another one, probably even more than The Hero had killed now!

"My rat first, Buster! But Dade's my partner in rat killing," allianced Rocko.

Buster finally finished tuning his ukulele as The Hero continued to swing his sword wildly in the background in preparation for a rat slaughterfest. Buster let loose with a foul tune that tore right through the final rat. The rat exploded to death!

32. Nobody Knows When to Say Dibs!

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