Part Thirty
Has The Hero Moved At All?

"Has The Hero moved at all?" wondered Dade who was covered in Giant Rats.

"Not really. Except to hide behind the gay guy," explained Rocko pointing at, I think, Buster. Yeah, probably Buster is the gay guy in this comment. Rocko is against gays and will probably die because of it because that is modern cinematic justice.

"Where's our Hero?" asked Buster, looking everywhere but behind him.

"Oh yeah. He helped Buster to fight the wounded rat instead of helping me fight the four healthy rats," eeyored Dade even though he had no proof of the four rats current medical history.

"I need a Hero!? When you gotta be strong! And you gotta be something! And something something somethong!" screeched Buster who is lucky he couldn't remember more lyrics or else it would be plagiarism.

"How very Bonnie Tyler of you," apportioned Dade.

"Someone wake up Turf! It's just like Roller Playing in real life!" explained Buster not realizing that Turf was right behind him and about to kill another Giant Rat but was waiting for the right timing.

"Where is our hero to come and save the day? Where is our hero, who will come and show the way?" sang Rocko Busterly. He quickly scribbled down his lyrics while Turf twirled around his Big Sword in a powerful display of his up and coming attack.

"Can we say The Hero fell asleep?" asked Buster, still not turning around to see Turf twirling his sword in the air and spinning around to catch it behind his back before he finished off the Giant Rat.

31. Buster's Future's Not Bright

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