Part Twenty Nine
Buster's Super Secret is He is Gay

Rocko dodged lightly out of the way in his Full Holy Plate just as Turf chopped down another of the Giant Rats. There were only some Giant Rats left (less then there were, that is).

"It was almost dead!" cried Buster who really wanted to kill the Giant Rat himself but was not the man for the job (or any job for that matter! (this line can be punched up for an R-rating by adding some other words that suggest there are some jobs he can do! E-mail me proof of your age and I'll send the joke to you!)).

"Yeah, he couldn't have done it without your help," uplifted Rocko sarcastically as he popped another Giant Rat in the head with his mace. I envision him doing a triple backflip with a slight twist and then his mace hitting the rat right between the eyes as the camera goes in for a close-up of the rat's tongue sticking out and it's eyes crossing! I hope I can direct the movie that Hollywood is sure to want to make after this action! "This mace is plenty cool!"

"Crying babies. Be back," insulted Turf to his fellow adventurers, apparently, as Corky sliced down yet another rat. Perhaps Turf was trying to be like that movie about the robot from the future that talks Spanish?

"Man, that Hero sure is not acting like a hero," complained Dade, I mean Rocko, as he glanced at Turf surrounded by Giant Rat corpses while Buster continued to try to tune his ukulele. "Rat! You got what I neeeeeeeed! But you say you're just a rat! You say you're just a rat!" prayed, I mean, sang Buster, I mean, Rocko.

Another Giant Rat's nasty, deadly, smelly fangs bounced off of Rocko's Holy Plate Mail, saving him from a death worse than fate.

"Eat it, ratsnout!" improvisated Rocko impressively. "Stick it in your ear, churl!"

"Go big guy! Kill those rat bastards! Ha ha!" catch-phrased Corky.

"I already did, Corky!" Rocko pseudo-big-guy'd.

30. Has The Hero Moved At All?

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