Part Twenty Eight

"Okay, why am I fighting four while everyone has one on one or better odds?" complained Dade who must have forgotten how he waded forward into the front lines.

"Karma," replied Buster as he was bitten by a Giant Rat. "Crap!"

"Thank you Bad God!" rejoiced Rocko in hosannas and hallelujahs.

"I hate Rocko and The Bad God! I spit on your shrines, Bad God (if a stoopid God like you would have any)," sealed his ukulele's fated Buster.

"Why are you trying to anger a God?" quivered Corky in peasant-like fear as he mightily slew yet another Giant Rat. "I want to be called Corky the Sidekickiester!"

"Oh boy, Buster. Now I can never heal you," enjoyed Rocko.

"I need to sing a song about how much I suck," tripled X'd Buster realizing that sex sells as another Giant Rat bit him in the other calf. "Crap! Ouchie! Rocko, heal me!"

"Thank you, BG!" shouted Rocko, pointing up to the sky.

"My pinky's bleeding!" anatomically incorrected Buster who was bit in the calf like I said earlier. Unless I was wrong. Just then, two jumped after Rocko. "Yay! I mean, fight them off, Rocko!" spurted Buster.

XX9. Buster's Super Secret is He is Gay

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