Part Twenty Seven
Prayer Attack!

"Dear Bad God: Please let Buster get hurt and I won't heal him unless he gives me something cool. Amen."

"Dear Bad God: How hard can this praying thing be? Why do you want a gay servant like Rocko?" pray retaliated Buster.

"In your ass, ratface!" screamed Rocko at either a rat that missed him or Buster or The Bad God (but probably not that one).

"I think I should just run away," thought Dade because he couldn't hurt any rats anymore. Or he was afraid they would all die because Buster and Rocko were just bickering at each other amid a swarm of Giant Rats (that means they're as big as big dogs).

"Dear Bad God: Buster is effeminate," prayed Rocko, telling The Bad God something he already knew being that he is a God and thus Omnauseus and all that. "Man, if Buster can pray, Rocko can sing and will!" third-personed Rocko.

"Dear Bad God: It would be good if your servants actually did something bad in your name instead of standing around getting eaten by Giant Rats. Amen." Buster prayed a prayer that would one day come back to haunt him and his ukulele for playing with powers that he could not understand because he's only a gay, artsy-fartsy type and hates and mocks religion of every kind.

Meanwhile, back at the real action, The Hero chopped up another Giant Rat with his Big Sword. Probably in slow motion and maybe a close up or a crane shot even with tons and tons of blood and guts spewing everywhere (possibly in 3-D!).

"Dear Bad God: It would be good if Buster were to get hurt next turn!" revenge prayed Rocko as he moved toward The Hero to help him out.

Corky killed another one as he regained his sense of self-worth and since the others had stopped calling him a retard in order to pray viciously at each other.

"Drat that rat!" sang out Buster as he fumbled on his ukulele and successfully produced no Magick Bolts.

XX8. Karma

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