Part Twenty Four
The Skill Debate

Rocko swung his mace and missed while Buster began praying to The Bad God. "Buster's cheating! He doesn't have the Pray skill!" tattled Rocko.

"Do you have the tattle skill?" taste of his own medicined Dade as he poisoned another Rat with his poison Dagger. "Ha!" backed up Buster.

"Do you have the STFU Skill?" swore Rocko swearingly, proving that he is a disciple of The Bad God since swearing shows how cool and bad cool people really are (also, there is no such skill).

Buster strummed his ukulele at another rat but used up most of his energy and creativity with his dumb dumb Hero song and a really pencil thin, impotent bolt shot from his ukulele to barely hurt a Giant Rat. "Crap!" sang Buster. "I miss Lola."

A Giant Rat bit at Rocko but just missed! "In your face, rat!" insulted Rocko. "In your face, ratface!" corrected Rocko.

"That rhymes!" impressed easilyed Buster.

"I sing sweet songs!" Maniloed Rocko.

XX5. The Hero Almost Dies!

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