Part Twenty Five
The Hero Almost Dies!

Just then, a Giant Rat (who must have been a hero in the Giant Rat community) leapt forward and bit at Turf! Turf threw up his shield (with his arms not his mouth) and deflected the rat so that it only scratched his arm with its foul and disgusting teeth. "Aww," pouted The Hero.

"I'll save your ass now and embarrass you later, Hero!" shouted Rocko.

"Just try it!" ambiguoused Turf, unsure as to whether he wanted Rocko to try and save his ass or embarrass him. Turf spun around and sliced right through the middle of the Giant Rat Hero that bit him, exploding it like a blood sausage.

"Mmmm, blood sausage," gaily drooled Buster.

"It's a battle that rages into the night and into the next day," whined Rocko as the battle lasted just about two minutes so far.

XX6. The Ballad of Dodgin' Dade

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