Part Twenty Two
Buster Zings Rocko

Distracted by his air quoting and making fun of everyone else and Buster's gay shouting, Rocko was bitten in the thigh by a Giant Rat! Is this the part when he dies?! No, luckily, his Holy Plate had a huge Holy Cod Piece and the infectious bite was deflected!

"I take it!" triumphed Rocko!

"Like a man!" zinged Buster!

"Shush, gay blond boy," factually stated Rocko.

A bunch of rats swarmed Dade as he ducked and weaved and dodged their every attack. "I am not liking this theme!" he cried. I guess he wanted the theme to be every attack hitting him.

"That's what you get for being a sneaky rat type guy," shamed Turf to Dade.

"Dodgin' Dade! That's my next song!" inspirationed Buster as a Giant Rat bit at him and missed. "Crap. I was getting too complacent," bemoaned Buster non-manly.

"Ha ha!" ha ha'd Rocko.

XX3. Is This Porn?

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