Part Twenty One
The Timing is Right

Finally, the timing must have been right because Turf stepped up to attack one of the mice-like things. The Hero, Turf, pulled back his Big Sword in one mighty swing and hacked off a Giant Rat's head!

"Am I the only one that can kill a rat? Finally!" bitched Buster with one hand on his hip.

"Buster is so weird," noticed Rocko as he turned his attention back to the Giant Rat in front of him and bonked it on the head with his mace. It became angry. Or angrier. Or angriest, if that increases the drama. Dade tried to finish it off sneakily but sneakily missed.

"I'll sing at that rat trying to flank us!" anthropomorphosized Buster. Buster let loose with a non-verbal rendition of the song about his sister's hot nipples and another rat's head exploded from shame and embarrassment. Also, from the magickal bolt that went through it's head. "Woohoo! Ratkiller!" tried to nickname himselfed Buster.

"I like how 'The Hero' is hanging back from the heart of the battle," air-quoted Rocko while in the middle of a life and death rat infestation. "LOLLOLOLOLO!" he added for retarded emphasis.

Corky, still upset about the attacks on his mental abilities, continued to miss his attacks on the Giant Rats.

"I'm the field commander. I'm working up stradegies," explained Turf without the help of his spell checker.

"Gettem boys!" field commnded Buster shriekally.

XX2. Buster Zings Rocko

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