Part Eighteen
Rats Are Like Mice

"Help! Help!" yelped Poo Boy

"Come back here, Stinky!" coughed Rocko coolly.

As the Fantasyers watched the boy, they saw him run back past the Hall of Heroes on the east side, just past the city wall. They all hopped the wall (except The Hero, who hurdled it) and continued to follow after him since standing around screaming wasn't working very well.

"You're pretty sneaky, Dade!" complimented Rocko probably for some ulterior motive that has yet to be revealed.

"I do try," answered the walking dead man to the other walking dead man.

The Fantasyers followed the boy to a small farm situated next to the small city wall. A smelly run off from a big hole in the ground (the city sewers, not Buster) gaped right next to the farmhouse, heading downward at a slight slant into the ground. A farmer stood ankle deep in poo battling about a dozen giant rats with a pitch fork. Rocko pulled out his mace and charged the rats. Or the farmer, more likely.

"Go, Hero! Attack!" commanded Buster impotently.

"Charge!" shouted Turf as Dade began to sneak up to the rats to attempt a sneaky rat back stab.

"Rats?" pondered Rocko.

"They're like big mice," helped Buster. "Ack! That's a lot of rats!" realized Buster as he finally realized what a dozen was. Traumatized (just like when he saw his sister's boobies), he broke into song. "Drat, I daw a rat! We made it splat! We could do that! Darn, where's my haaaaaaaaaaat?!" Uninspired, the farmer passed out and Poo Boy cowered behind the farmhouse.

XIX. The First Epic Battle

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