Part Seventeen
Rocko is Evil & Buster is Gay

"Mom, I mean, Molly just bought pizza!" Oedipaled Buster in a fearful display of Freudian disturbingness.

"Rocko, you're kind of Evil, aren'tcha?" asked Dade, striking up a casual conversation as they all ran after poo boy.

"Hugh? No way? I'm bad, baby! Better than mean Evil! Ha! To the bone!" ego stroked himself Rocko as he made up his own words and punctuational clauses that made some sense. Maybe.

Poo Boy ran out of the Hall of Heroes for Hire and out of the front gate of Easy Breezy (which is really just a collapsed hole in a small, waist high stone wall (the gate, not Easy Breezy)). Buster grabbed The Hero and yelled, "Come on!", even though they were both already coming on already.

"Kid! Wait! Kid! Hold on!" screamed Rocko in that way people do when they're kind of confused but don't want to look uncool. Rocko probably wasn't really running either but walking sort of quickly in a nonchalant way that said, "Hey, man. Dig me. I'm the bee's kneeses." "We need directions!"

"And decorations!" trilled Buster.

XVIII. Rats Are Like Mice

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