Part Sixteen
Turf Saves the Bay

"I said we'd help the bay, right?" asked Turf as he looked around, too stupid to remember what he said earlier. And too dumb to pronounce boy correctly. Unless he meant day. And then he couldn't pronounce that either. Unless he really thought he was saving a bay. He is pretty stupid.

"Save the Bay! HA HA HA!" exclaimed Rocko jumping all over Turf's typo and forcing me to keep it in if I wanted to have Rocko make sense. Go back and change bay to boy and ignore this paragraph if you think it would make the plot go as smooth as it had been going before being interrupted by the reaction to typoes.

The poo boy ran off out the front door, flinging poo and mud over everything he passed by. Buster, Dade and Turf followed after poo boy in a desperate attempt to appear to be doing the right thing for the right reasons. Buster, unsure if he should do this even though he declared he and The Hero would, stopped to make sure The Hero was following them (even though The Hero was ahead of him) before he continued.

"Oh man, he's going for goons," obliqued Rocko. "Okay, the farm first. Then the Cyclops. That way, we get to pillage the farm before the posers do," Rocko finished mysteriously, possibly playing his own Roller Playing Game within the Roller Playing Game. Also, he was talking to himself.

XVII. Rocko is Evil & Buster is Gay

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