Part Fifteen
Buster's Defense for Retardation

"I was getting mad! And scamming on this The Virgin over her," defended Buster with two of the most blatant lies anybody who just read the first few parts of this story had ever heard. Unless telling Lola she is gay is 'scamming'.

"I am telling you, it is the Bard Weed. It makes you see the wacky," helped Dade.

"Mead. Crap," pouted Buster.

"So, I'll put you down for the Cyclops job and you'll be on your way," pushed Lola in a way that didn't make it seem like she was being paid to get them into a cave.

"I have an idea--let's blow this popsicle stand!" said Rocko pointing to a very gay popsicle stand set up in the corner.

"Thanks! Bye!" yelled Lola as she ran into the backroom and disappeared (but not to play Starcraft).

"Boy, The Hero and I will help you," assumed Buster drunkenly.

"Now, how many times did I say I didn't want the Cyclops job?" sixth timed Dade. Or seventh. Something like that. How does he expect me to keep track when he wasn't either?

"Thanks! I'll show you the way," spurted Poo Boy.

"Dudes!" calmed Rocko. "We have to kill the Cyclops first then pillage the kid's farm!"

XVI. Turf Saves the Bay

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