Part One Hundred Thirty Seven
They Found Kobolds Anyway

"Kobolds! Attack!" The kobolds attacked. The Kobolds almost immediately began to die. But not because of Buster. "Uh oh," worried The Evil Mr. Smarty Pants. "Um, kill them and bring me The Foundation, my minions!" he yelled as he and the Wicked Henchman made a hasty retreat back through the Hall of Bones.

"Oooh, The Foundation." Buster pretended he knew what was going on as Turf exploded a Kobold into a billion pieces with his sword. "Oh my."

"Yuk," barfed Turf as he was covered in Kobold parts. The Evil Mr. Smarty Pants and his Henchman disappeared from view.

"They're getting away!" pointed Buster and he shrieked and covered his mouth and kicked his foot backwards in the air.

Turf slaughtered all but on of the Kobolds. This Kobold dodged and ducked and weaved and fought like a champion breed!

"You must be some leader of your people to stand this long against Turf," Turf declared.

"Bark yip yowl," cussed the Kobold.

"Hey! We should let it talk! It sounds friendly!" screeched Buster excitedly like a girl meeting Davey Jones. "We can give you more than Evil Mr. Smarty Pants! We can love you!"

"Yowl!" argued the Kobold. "Grrrr!"

"Hold out your hand, Buster!" Turf knew how to deal with animals. "Bwa ha ha ha!"

"Shuddap," scolded Buster.

138. The Part With The Fish

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