Part One Hundred Thirty Eight
The Part With The Fish

Turf sliced up the last Kobold and sprinted after the villains! Buster grabbed The Foundation and hurried after Turf. The door and portcullis that had been closed behind them were not closed behind them anymore and they walked out of the Cyclops cave. Well, Turf did. Buster had some other business first.

"Let's stop by the fish pool first!" Buster could hardly wait! He ran to the pool with the fish in it. The fish was there. Buster spoke to it.

"Hey, fish! How are things?"

"Pretty boring, actually," responded the fish to the one question it was going to answer of Buster's since Buster was pretty annoying and not that skilled at speaking with fishes.

"What can you tell me about The Foundation?" Buster held it up for the fish to look at.

"Go away now. I answered your question," grumped the fish.

"But I can talk to you! Do you need anything?"

"Go away! Stop bugging me! You sound so illiterate."

"Hey! Was just trying to be polite! Let's see how much company you get in the near future!"

"Company? Who needs it? Especially yours."

"I hear a bunch of cats are coming this way," lied Buster to the poor fish. "I hope you can fight them off." The fish swam down and hid deep in the pool.

"Stoopid fish! Let's go, Turf!" Buster looked up but Turf was gone already.

139. Chapter One Is Over

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