Part One Hundred Thirty Six
Buster's Secret Weakness

"My Kobolds will now take that from you!" The Evil Mr. Smarty Pants pointed at the chessboard. "Or they will throw dirt in your face! Yes! It is true! I know of your greatest weakness!"

"Um, bright blue eyes?" Buster revealed his weakness too!

"No, dirt in his face, stupid! Who is this dimwit you travel with? Step away or get the dirt, Goody Two Shoes!" The Evil Mr. Smarty Pants pushed the Kobolds forward.

"But a piercing pair of blue eyes can bring anyone to his knees! I mean, her knees!" wouldn't shut up'd Buster.

"Well, now I know YOUR weakness as well! Ha ha ha!" The Evil Mr. Smarty Pants motioned to his henchman to take some notes.

"I won't let you stand between me and that Cyclops, Mister!" Turf was stubborn as well as stupid.

137. They Found Kobolds Anyway

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