Part One Hundred Thirty Five
The Voice is Back!

"Leave those bones alone, you stupid mutts!" screamed the voice they had heard earlier! Turf reached out to pick up the chessboard thing on the altar when the voice stopped him by telling him to stop. "Stand away from that, Turf Hearting!"

"What'd I do?" asked Turf, raising his hands.

"Eeep!" Buster jumped behind Turf. "Wait, they're just Kobolds. I think we can kill these in our sleep." Which is good because Buster is usually asleep.

"I can," promised Turf. "Uh-oh. The Cyclops!" But there wasn't a Cyclops. Just four kobolds that burst into the room. Following them was The Evil Mr. Smarty Pants and his Wicked Henchman!

"You have fallen for my trap!" revealed Mr. Smarty Pants.

"No way!" argued Buster.

"Hey! It's Evil Mister Smarty Pants!" finally realized Turf.

"There is no Cyclops!" finally realized Buster.

136. Buster's Secret Weakness

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