Part One Hundred Thirty Four
The Keys Should Break

"Yay Corky!" Buster did a back flip and some splits. Turf put all of the keys in their corresponding colored locks and tried to turn them. They didn't turn. They didn't break off in the lock either because then Turf and Buster would have been stuck because they wouldn't have figured out about the White Key that opened all the locks but was hidden amidst the bones. Turf tried to turn all the keys and they didn't turn. Turf tried to kick the door down and it didn't kick down.

"Was there anything anywhere that said you had to put the keys in the locks, Turf?" Where else would the keys go, Buster? Stoopid!

"Maybe you're just not strong enough." Corky said what Rocko would have.

"Bwa ha ha!" laughed Turf.

Eventually, Buster took out all the keys and tried them in all the locks. And they all worked in coloured locks that made sense but didn't make any sense to the dumb Hero or the gay singer. And the door opened even though the keys should have snapped off in the locks.

The door opened into a stairway leading up into a room with eight walls (which is called an eightagon) and a raised altar in the middle with a chess board thing on top of it. Buster and Turf walked up to investigate it when they suddenly heard a loud rocky scraping sound from the south. The Fantasyers could hear barking and yipping from the Hall of Bones.

135. The Voice is Back!

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