Part One Hundred Thirty Three
Rocko's Corpse Is Raped

"Would someone like to say a few words about Dade and Rocko now?" Buster fidgeted for half a second trying to be thoughtful and then blurted out, "DIBS!" Then he sang, "Oh Rocko! We didn't always see eye-to-eye-O. But I forgive ye! For breaking my Ukulele!" Turf picked up the key and didn't get sprayed in the face by poison gas. They then fell upon Rocko's corpse like jackals falling upon the corpse of a Holy Guy.

Buster looted a blue gem. Harry stripped off the Holy Plate and took it. Turf took the Jeweled Chalice. Buster stole a red gem. Harry took the Blessed Holy Mace. Turf stripped off the talisman. Buster took 10 Goldoons. Harry took the Holy Shield.

"Goodbye, dear Rocko. We didn't know you as well as we should but robbed your corpse like you were our best friend." Buster kicked dirt on Rocko. "Do we have all the keys now?"

"No, we have to kill the pigmy people," pointed out Harry.

"Have you tried reasoning with them?" gayed it up Buster. The Fantasyers left to reason with the Yellowlings and ended up back in the Hall of Boners.

"I have the Yellow Key!" I guess Corky reasoned with the Yellowlings.

134. The Keys Should Break

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