Part One Hundred Thirty
The Last Part Should Have Been Called Buster's Ukulele Is Broken!

Meanwhile, Turf and Harry were exploring the last eastern hallway. Part way down it was a large stone block crushing a skeleton. The skeleton still had some boots on. Harry took the boots and noticed thery were Boots of Damage Reduction. Apparently they didn't help the skeleton guy. But Harry put them on anyways. Just past the block, they found a pit trap. At the bottom of the trap was a corpse with a cap on its head. Everyone jumped the pit easily and continued on.

"Sorry, Buster, but The Bad God was pissed off with ya. Hey, do you need some healing?"

"Sure," weeped Buster.

Just past the pit, they discovered a body riddled with arrows. Hedwig grabbed the cap off the corpse in the pit while Rocko searched the arrowed body. He found a Ring of Total Gayness.

"We can party now!" cheered up Buster. Rocko gave the ring to Buster.

"That's hot. The Bad God gives and The Bad God taketheths away and stuff," preached Rocko. Hedwig flew back with the cap and gave it to Harry. It was a Cap of Quick Thinking.

131. Who Is Griffindor?

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