Part One Hundred Thirty One
Who Is Griffindor?

Just past the arrow guy with the gay ring, the adventurers found a decapitated body and a scythe hanging from the ceiling.

"GRIFFINDOR!" shouted Turf. Maybe he knew him. A really gaudy talisman was barely still hanging around the dead guy's neck. Rocko snatched the talisman. It was a Talisman of Double or Nothing with one charge left.

"I miss Dade. Does anyone feel like taking a time out and talking about what we're feeling about Dade's death?" counseled Buster.

"He was mean!" shouted Corky.

"And he complained a lot," mourned Harry.

"He was obstinate!" admired Rocko.

"I feel...sad," wept Buster.

They continued on as the hallway narrowed. They came upon a pile of ashes with a dagger sitting in the middle of it.

"Ooo, a dagger!" gasped Buster.

"Cutting implements are for heathens," snobbed Rocko. "Turf is Mr. I Know IT All!"

Buster shrieked, "Dammit!" and reached out and took the dagger. It was a +1 Dagger of 100% Frost Resistance. "Yes!"

"Frost Resistance! Everyone needs that." Rocko sounded mean and sarcastic. I bet he gets his soon!

132. Someone Dies!

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