Part One Hundred Twenty Five
Cover Me

Leaving the dead end, the Fantasyers headed off to find something to find in the maze. They found another dead end. And another Bee-Orc!

"Attack!" screamed Turf (who also plugged his ears this time) who swung his Big Sword and chopped it up into little pieces after a few very, very, very cinematic attacks while everyone else just kept missing it. It died all over the place and dropped its treasure which they Dibs!ed and split. Turf got a Goldoon Necklace, Harry got a Map to the Maddesthorn and Rocko got a Jeweled Chalice.

While they were battling the Bee-Orc, Rocko said, "Cooty coo!" and Harry said, "Shewww, they like Hedwig now" and "Probably cause he flies" and "Ooooo" and Rocko said," Yay!" and Turf said, "WHAT!" and Rocko said, "Damn" and "Must pee" and Harry said, "Darn" and Rocko said, "Cooty Coo!" again.

126. The Bee-Orcs Are Gone

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