Part One Hundred Twenty Six
The Bee-Orcs Are Gone

Having found many, many dead ends and lots and lots of Bee-Orcs, the Fantasyers back tracked to the beginning of the maze to try a different route. As they walked, Harry said, "Turd is a funny word."

"It brings smiles to everyones' faces," approved Rocko. Rocko examined Turf with a Bad Healer's examining eye. "Turf, you're limping and dragging your leg and seeping pus from a thousand wounds. Why don't you ask The Bad God to heal you?"

"It would be unhero like of you to get killed," noticed Harry.

"I can't be killed, silly," believed Turf poorly.

"If you don't like The Bad God Guy, let's get out of here and select a Good God Guy for our next adventure," whispered Harry to Turf. And then they turned the corner into another dead end. But this time, there was a Green Key there! Turf added it to their collection and they headed back.

"Let's skedaddle." Harry waved his arm over his shoulder hoping everyone would follow him in a skedaddle-like fashion. "Turf, how many keys do we have?"

"Three." Turf showed Harry the Blue, Red and Green Keys. The Fantasyers emerged back in the Hall of Bones.

127. Buster Owns A Horse?

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