Part One Hundred Twenty Four
All Is Full Of Love

Leaving the dead end, the Fantasyers headed off to find something to find in the maze. They found another dead end. And another Bee-Orc!

"Attack!" screamed Turf who swung his Big Sword and chopped it up into little pieces after a few very cinematic attacks while everyone else just kept missing it. It died all over the place and dropped its treasure which they Dibs!ed and split. Turf got a white gem and Rocko got a red gem.

While they were battling the Bee-Orc, Harry said," Hooty hoo," and Rocko said, "Cooty coo!" and Harry said, "Focus" to Rocko and Rocko said, "Stop distracting me!" to Harry and Harry said, "C'mon Turf" to Turf and Turf said, "Bah!" and Harry said, "Maybe you should heal him so we have a better chance making it out of here alive," to Rocko about Turf and Rocko said, "I keep asking Who needs healing? and he never answers," to Harry about Turf and Harry said, "Hooters Rule," and Rocko said, "Ah" and "Damn" and "PBBLLLLT," and Turf said, "Oh yeah!" when he killed it.

125. Cover Me

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