Part One Hundred Twenty One
There's More To Life Than This

Turf put his card away in a safe place so the corners wouldn't get bent and continued on. Everyone followed him through the maze. Except for Rocko and Corky who were still in the boner hallway. Buster sang while they journeyed. "Oh, poor Mr. Orc-Bee. How was it supposed to be? Flying with your Buckler, I mean Bucklest high. Not knowing how soon you'd die." Turf immediately led them into another dead end and they were attacked by another Bee-Orc! Exciting!

"Run!" panicked Turf. "I mean, Attack!"

"Turf, you can kill it!" Harry was pep squad leader in Magick Guy College.

Turf once again began beating the Bee-Orc across the face with his Big Sword. "Yah!"

"Crap accident!" yelled Buster who pooped his pants for the second time this day. He sang as he cleaned himself up. "Change my pitch up. Smack my bitch up. Change my pitch up. Smack my bitch up." What a song stealing loser.

While everyone was distracted by Buster's stinky misadventure, the Bee-Orc wooped down and stung Dade right in the face! His face swelled up like a big swollen face! The Hero tried to save the day but he'd already saved the day yesterday. Which probably doesn't make much sense and maybe he should have been able to save the day again. But being Year Alphabeta, he wasn't able to and Dade died like I'd been saying he was going to. He fell to the ground and his Crystal Vial rolled out of his hand and fell to the ground also but he didn't whisper 'Rosebud'.

"Dibs!" yelled Buster caringly.

"Now he won't have to fight the Cyclops," pointed out Turf in a sweet display of mourning and tenderness.

"He took the easy way out," agreed Harry compassionately.

"He was a Sneaky Guy," remembered Turf fondly.

"So maybe the Orc-Bee isn't our friend after all," concluded Buster who suddenly couldn't care less about burying people in the dungeon because there was a Crystal Vial to steal off of the corpse.

Turf, enraged that his companion who could unlock all the chests filled with the best treasure had been killed, sliced the Bee-Orc in half on the very next blow.

"Yay!" cheered Buster, having led pep squad in grade school. "I hate stoopid Orc-Bees now. They killed Dade."

"You bastard!" finished Harry appropriately.

122. Hunter

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