Part One Hundred Twenty Two

"So, what does the Bee-Orc have?" Buster said in regards to burying Dade just like he'd want to be buried. On, no, he just wanted treasure. They piled the loot up and divvied it up while Dade's body lay unburied. Turf took a blue stone. Harry took a Magick Scroll. Buster took a green stone. Buster took a Bucklest. Then Rocko wandered in from the Hall of Bones.

"I'm in!" cried Rocko who had probably been lost in the maze.

"Hey! We could have used your Bad Healing when Dade was dying." Turf pointed at Dade's swollen head.

"Dade's dead?" smirked Rocko.

"Yeah." Turf was sad as he dug through Dade's possessions. They split up his Goldoons and gave Dade's Leather Armor to The Singing Guy.

"Would anyone like to say a few words about Dade?" preached Buster.

"He was mean to me!" mourned Corky.

"Dibs!" yelled Turf.

"Dade was so much cooler than most of you. It's too bad he's the first to kick the bucket," said Rocko who would be second.

"He'd have liked that." Turf probably meant Dade would've liked how he said Dibs!

"Fine, I'll say a few words. I know this can be painful." Buster ignored everyone else's eulogies so he could hear himself speak. "Oh Dade. We may have just met you at the bar. And maybe you whined a lot about stuff. But deep down inside, we all liked you. And you really weren't as sneaky as they said you were," insulted Buster of the dead. The Fantasyers then sat around the dead body and Rocko healed himself. But Turf didn't want healing. But Harry wanted Turf to want healing. But Turf refused to be healed by The Bad God's Initiate. So Rocko just healed himself. And Dade just lay there unburied. Then Buster went to go to dog dinner or something. Groceries, maybe.

123. Venus As A Boy

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