Part One Hundred Twenty
Big Time Sensuality

"I only want the shield." Turf could have had a Magick Shield if he'd searched the Ratman. But he didn't. So now he gets a dumb Bucklest.

"Well, take the shield." Dade ignored the Dibs! rule too. "I doubt we'll fight you for it." They didn't need it until they learned about the other treasure the Bee-Orc had. Which they hadn't found yet.

Buster took the Shortest Sword and Turf took the Bucklest. Buster started swinging the sword around and Turf backed away and Harry ducked. Then Buster put the sword down his pants. "Hey! It fits!"

"Ouch," squirmed Turf. That's when they noticed the gems and things and Dade decided it was time to Dibs! for the good stuff. They found a Sneaky Guy trading card of Charles Three Fingers and a crystal vial and a red gem and a white gem.

Dade took the Crystal Vial. Buster took the white gem. Turf took the trading card of Charles Three Fingers (which showed a picture of a Sneaky Guy with his hand on a chopping block losing his fifth finger). Harry took the red gem.

"Sweet!" exclamated Turf.

"Value? Weight?" wondered Buster aloud.

"I doubt it has a price tag on it, Buster." Dade said that while I'm going to remind you that Buster is an idiot.

"It might!" defended Buster. But it didn't. "So, where do you want to bury the Orc-Bee?"

"No touchy boney, Buster." Dade covered his crotch.

"I think it would be nice if Turf said a few words too."

"Buster, I don't understand you. Are you a priest or something?" questioned Harry. Buster wasn't a priest. But he wasn't acting like the old drunk Buster they knew who was fighting with Rocko all the time and being a jerk. Maybe this was an imposter Buster? "You should only worry about getting laid looking like that."

121. There's More To Life Than This

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