Part One Hundred Nineteen
Violently Happy

Turf smacked the Bee-Orc again. "The young hero will save our butts!" shouted Harry. Again.

"Mr. Orc-Bee, you leave me know choice," homonymed Buster because he is a homo. Buster strummed his ukulele but no bolt appeared because the Bee-Orc was making too much noise and disrupted the musickal magick. "Drat!"

The Bee-Orc stung Hedwig as they fought an amazing aerial battle that will probably have to be done in CGI. Then Turf hit it again and almost killed it but didn't yet.

"I hope that one stung!" one-linered Turf and then laughed at his own joke. "Bwa ha ha ha ha." Buster began to dance like a jerk. Meaning he continued to act normally.

"I thought yesterday without Buster we were missing some help. Maybe not." Harry was definitely the smartest of them all.

Whap! Turf smacked the Bee-Orc again and knocked it out of the air and into a wall. It died and dropped all of its treasure at the Fantasyers.

"Dibs!" yelled Turf.

"Can I have its sword since I have no melee weapon?" asked Buster.

"I want to help Turf kill the Cyclops." Harry apparently wanted to die.

"I doubt there is a Cyclops. Even if there is, I don't want anything to do with it." Maybe Dade was the smartest of them all. But he wouldn't be the alivest for very long.

"Would anyone mind if I took the shortest sword?" picked Buster out of turn since he hadn't even tried to yell Dibs! yet.

"Well, let Turf get the sword if he agrees to give you his old sword," negotiated Dade poorly. For Turf, anyway. But for Buster (who he wanted to be manager of), he was doing a great job!

"Does Turf have a sword?" asked Harry who must be blind and senile. "If not, he needs one to save our butts."

"I think Turf has a Big Sword," winked Buster.

120. Big Time Sensuality

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