Part One Hundred Eighteen
Human Behaviour

"Eep! An Orc-Bee!" Buster said ignorantly.

"Attack!" attacked Turf.

"Wait! It may be friendly!" Because Buster had met a lot of friendly bees and a lot of friendly orcs in his lifetime. No, no, he didn't. But maybe he thought it was like two negatives making a positive if they were multiplied by each other then they would end up nice. But he wasn't any good at algebra because he forgot how to walk too. "Maybe it just wants to talk!" Everybody was being overwhelmed by the awful noise the Bee-Orc was making.

Frantically swatting at it, Turf smacked it through its Bucklest to hurt it a little bit. Buster decided he would try to calm the angry Bee-Orc down because everybody knows that Bees and Orcs are very rational creatures.

"Shhh, Mr. Orc-Bee. It's okay. We can all be friends. We don't want to hurt you!" Buster really is gay, isn't he? Unless that's an insult to gays. Then Buster is something worse than gay. Buster then began strumming his ukulele and singing a traditional folk song about his sister's bosoms. And he danced a bit too. "I think we should try to reason with it, guys. Obviously, it is scared and lonely. It probably just wants a friend." Because Bees and Orcs are known to be solitary. In Bizarro Buster World!

"The Bee-Orc then swooped down to attack Buster.

"But Mr. Orc-Bee! We're friends!" Buster had lost many friends this way. It missed. "Maybe it just needs a song." Buster sang. Again. But nobody could hear him because of the noise the Bee-Orc was making. But this is what he sang: Oh, Mr. Orc-Bee. I know you just want to be free. Trapped in a dingy room (with a high ceiling). I can't imagine. Oh, what a feeling.

Dade shook his head in despair.

119. Violently Happy

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