Part One Hundred Seventeen
Attack of the Bee-Orcs

The adventurers headed down the eastern hall that was the most northern of the eastern halls. They came to a hedge row in a giant cavern with a very, very high ceiling.

"Hey, Corky. I doubt Buster remembers your battle cry. You should remind him." Dade was about to die. That's foreshadowing again. "I think it was, 'We are all going to die in here.'"

"Yeah, I think so too. I need a more memorable one." Actually, Corky's catch phrase should have been Dade and Rocko are going to die in here!

"Well, you can make it more personal, like 'Dade, you're going to die in here.'" Wow! I just said that! And now Dade said that! It's like he knew what was about to happen to him!

Turf and the others began working their way through the indoor hedgerow maze. The hedges must have been made out of mushrooms or something. The group started to go North but then had to wait for an hour while Buster rememebered how to walk. A loud Icelandic buzzing was also coming from the ceiling.

"Uh oh," helped Harry. Turf plugged his ears.

"You're going to make me cry!" wailed Buster like a girl. Buster may talk to fish and write stories but he's nothing like me, Grunion Guy! What a dumb dumb! "Boo hoo."

As they walked through the hedgerow maze, Buster sang a gay song. "Worried about that sounding buzz, Sure hope it is not the fuzz. Throwing me outta my groove. Wish I'd remembered how to move." Between the buzzing and the singing and the amazing complexity of the maze, Turf led them all into a dead end. And just at that moment, the biggest Bee-Orc they had ever seen (because it was their first) came flying down from a hive in the ceiling to kill them all! Or just Dade.

118. Human Behaviour

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