Part One Hundred Thirteen
Day Two

"It's like I've been asleep for two weeks," hiccupped Buster drunkenly and gaylike as he said his first words in like Fifty Parts or something.

"You been something." Dade was probably alluding to Buster being gay.

"Hello," said Turf as he woke up to see Buster standing over them all in a gay way.

"Crap. I just moved myself accidentally," stunk up the room Buster. He hid to change his underwear. "Someone want to catch me up while we're waiting?"

"Buster is a slacker," said Harry to catch up Buster.

"I found a door with lots of color locks which I am sure has nothing to do with the blue and red keys." Dade said this because he had found a door with six colored locks during the fight with the Ratman.

"I thought I had the yellow key too?" Turf misremembered correctly. "Did we leave it behind?"

"Those stupid pigmy people pop out." Harry was the smart one. "So you put it back on the wall."

114. Buster Acts Weird

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