Part One Hundred Fourteen
Buster Acts Weird

"Do you think we should bury these corpses?" Buster must have been a funerian before he was a singologist.

"I think if you touch the bones, I will hit you." Dade was still scarred from the skeleton fight where his friends betrayed him very deeply and in an amazing characterizationing fashion.

"But if I were killed in a dungeon, I would want someone to bury me." Buster would probably get his wish someday. Plus, he didn't bury Dade or Rocko. Oh, wait, they haven't died yet. But he still won't bury them when they do.

"It's not going to happen, Buster. Get over it." Harry put his slippered foot down and crossed his magick arms.

"I am saying please don't touch the bones, okay?" Dade worried. "Look, I am even being nice about it."

"Good one," said Harry. "Don't touch the bones."

"If Turf started digging right now, I could arrange the bodies in a traditional burial," planned Buster. He was measuring out a nice plot when the rest of the group left for the main hall. "Hey, where are you going?" Buster followed and they ended up in the hall full of bones.

115. Pygmies Means Yellowlandians

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