Part One Hundred Ten
King Sum I, The Mummy

Rocko read the inscription out loud. "King Sum I. Protector of the Foundation. Look on my works in disrepair! Mortals!" As soon as the inscription was read, the lid began to slowly slide off the coffin.

"Uh oh," warned Harry.

"Turf! Hold the lid in place!" Rocko shouted but too late! The lid crashed to the ground! A mummy rose up out of the coffin wielding a glowing orb on the end of a small staff.

"Cool," exclaimed Turf. Rocko and Turf pulled their weapons out to fight it. "Haaaaiiiyaaa!"

Getting some bad vibes from the MFer, Rocko prayed to The Bad God for special skillz at this juncture of his initiates's life. But nothing happened.

"I love those bad vibes," felt Dade too. "You can handle that right, Rocko? It's undead." Rocko swung his mace to show Dade that he could take care of it and missed.

"Oh darn!"

"Unnnnnnnnhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" attacked King Sum I.

"Oh no! I know who this is!" screamed Rocko trying to impress everyone although they'd all heard it was King Sum I too. The mummy smashed Rocko in the head with its Orb, dazing him.

"Well, I'm dying!" over-reacted Rocko who wasn't quite ready to know death just yet (but soon!). Harry grabbed a torch from the wall and swung the flaming flame through the bars at the mummy. The mummy caught fire!

"We're going to burn to death, guys. See ya in Bad Heaven," drama queened Rocko.

"It's the way the heathen kings are put to the after life," snootied Harry with his big wig knowledges.

Rocko beat at the mummy with his mace while screaming, "We're on a mission from The Bad God! Wicked!" but it didn't seem to matter much. Dumb dumb. But he did hit it. "Wee!"

"Good shot!" helped Dade.

111. Something Exciting Happens

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