Part One Hundred Eleven
Something Exciting Happens

"Thank the maker the maker did some good before he turned all the way bad," quoted Harry from somewhere. Or else he was just being confusing.

The mummy smacked Rocko all over the room while Turf tried to steal the Orb Staff out of the mummy's mitts. The mummy wouldn't let him and instead took Turf's sword from him.

"Hey!" cried Turf, now weaponless. The Sneaky Guy snuck in and stabbed the mummy with his poison dagger while Turf was wrestling with it. Harry bashed it again with the torch and the mummy really began to burn and stink and smoke.

The mummy, confused and battered and burning too, swung wildly at the owl, Hedwig. Or the bunny. Whatever it was. Turf punched it in the chest and it howled in frustration. The mummy, not the bunny. Or the owl. Through the smoke and confusion, Turf finally managed to get his sword back and chopped off its arm. A bright flash of light filled the room and the mummy was consumed by the fire, leaving just a pile of ashes and its Orb of Sum weapon thingy.

"Yay us!" puked Rocko luckily. "Nice torch action, Harry. Where was Corky all this time?"

"Ashes to ashes, dust to dust," preached Harry.

"Lucky I was there to deliver the killing blow again," bragged Turf. He saw a red key hanging on the wall and grabbed it. Rocko picked up the Orb Sceptre weapon. Rocko recognized it as the Orb of Sum, a really, really Minor Artifact.

"We shall camp here for the week. Err, night," proclaimed Turf. Rocko gave the Orb of Sum to Harry who really, really, really, really seemed to like it very, very much and they all snuggled up around the bed by the armoire and got their first night's sleep in a day.

112. Rocko Dreams

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