Part One Hundred Nine
Rocko's Dumb Idea To Go Inside A Wardrobe

"Oh yeah, no problem, Dade," lied Rocko. Rocko tore the sheets off the bed and glanced at the armoire. "Oh, let's go through the Wardrobe!" Bored, Turf headed off to the cell with the coffin. Dade looked inside the wardrobe.

"Go inside, Dade!" snickered Rocko.

"Okay, if I scream, do something to save me," worried Dade as he climbed into the wardrobe, scream at the ready.

"I'll certainly try!" snickered Rocko.

"Does this wardrobe make me look fat?" asked Dade. Rocko giggled. Dade closed the door behind him as Turf examined some writing on the coffin. Everybody held their breath in anticipation of some great and extraordinary plot event. But nothing happened, so Dade got out and they decided to investigate the coffin.

"I'm going to stay back here if you guys are going to fool with that coffin," cowardlied Corky who was almost dead.

110. King Sum I, The Mummy

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