Part One Hundred Eight
The Axe Wielding Maniac Isn't Here

"Now I am kind of worried about Harry's blind faith in someone he met just hours ago," stated Dade who should count himself lucky he didn't get slaughtered as an intruder when meeting up with his party. "Do you think they know each other from earlier?"

"No, it's just that he's the smartest guy here," truthfully truth told Turf.

"I think Harry's got an eye for raw -- if suspect -- talent. After all, Turf does handle a sword like a pro," stated Rocko suspiciously. What was he up to?

"The best there ever was," mourned Turf as he discovered nothing in the dresser.

"Perhaps if you put a little faith in people even if you don't see eye to eye with them, you would have a more fulfilling life," naturaled Harry.

Finding nothing of value in the dresser or under the bed, the group looked through the bars to the north and saw a coffin in the next cell.

"Freaky," scared Turf.

"That almost became Corky's new bed," nodded Rocko.

"I'm scared," freaked Corky.

"Do you think there's a dead body in there?" Turf pondered.

"Of course," shouted Corky.

"Hey, Rocko, if the dead thing in the coffin becomes undead, can you do anything about it?" questioned Dade.

"Remember, Black Razor doesn't work on the undead," White Plume Mountained Harry.

109. Rocko's Dumb Idea To Go Inside A Wardrobe

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