Part One Hundred Seven
What Is A Hero?

"Heroes kind of like to keep their party members alive," decided Dade. "Which I noticed isn't one of your strong suits."

"Good heroes put principle over life," decided Harry for now but would change his mind later when he thought he might die.

"Yup," agreed Turf.

"No they don't," contrariwise'd Rocko. "You must not have gone to Hero School."

"You mean Bad Heroes don't," checkmated Turf.

"What do they do then?" wondered Harry.

"They protect other people's lives. That's why they're heroes," argued Rocko.

"Yeah. I think life is pretty up there in things a hero cares about. Versus like stealing things out of dressers, which, by the way, is my job," snuck the Sneaky Guy.

"Even at the expense of associating with evil?" continued Harry. "I mean no offense but you do worship a Bad God."

"That's why his skill was to save Corky's life and not Corky's principles," metagamed Rocko.

"Cocky I was the best hero of all time! Next to Turf, that is," admired Corky.

"Heroes give their lives for their cause," returned Turf.

"Cocky I was rad," smarmed Rocko. "It's all about perspective, my old, old friend. Turf failed Hero School."

"Now don't say that Rocko. How can he fail if he never tried?" persuaded Dade.

"What hero school?" ignoranced Turf.

"See?" won Dade.

"We should send him to one. Maybe there's treasure in here to finance that," conceded Rocko.

"Cool. I search the dresser for tuition," hunted Turf. Rocko sat on the bed.

108. The Axe Wielding Maniac Isn't Here

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