Part One Hundred Six
Corky Makes A Bad Deal

"I don't feel so good," barfed Corky.

"But you look good, Corky. That is the important thing," flirted Dade.

"Let's camp!" shouted Rocko.

"Shut up, Bad Healer!" crapped Turf.

"Hey Corky. I told you I'd never cure you but if you keep your mouth shut next time I do a Bad Thing, I'll heal you this time," deal with the devil'd Rocko. Dade searched for traps and things. He found a pressure plate that was set up to open the next gate when someone got too close.

"That's sick, Bad Healer!" offended Turf.

"That's the deal!" finalized Rocko.

"No deal!" foot downed Turf. "Don't do it, Corky!"

"It's up to Corky, methinks," debated Rocko.

"I guess if he likes that sort of thing," admitted Turf.

"Heal me!" whined Corky.

"Do you accept the deal, Corky?"

"Yes?" agreed Corky?

"Okay, people! And you Turf! There is a pressure plate! Don't step on it unless you want to open the gate!" pointed out Dade. Beyond the plate and the gate and the bars, the group could see a bed and an armoire (that's a fancy dresser for little girls and rich fuddy-duddies).

"I want to search the dresser thing," drooled Turf from the wrong side of the bars.

"Shouldn't you wait until your party is healed a little, Turf?" lectured Dade. "You know. Like your Sidekick who is very wounded?"

Rocko healed Corky very badly again much to the surprise of only the easily surprised. "I have one more prayer in me."

"He's a Bad Healer. What's he going to do for us?" stubborned Turf. "See?" he pointed out as Corky's deal went sour since he was barely healed. Good thing the deal wouldn't last long because Rocko would be dead soon.

"I don't think I'll ever heal Turf," Rocko declared correctly.

"I hope not," countered Turf. Or agreed.

107. What Is A Hero?

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