Part One Hundred Five
Turf Saves The Day

The Lizard Guy stabbed at Corky as Corky was distracted by something that would make him really open to being killed. Which is what was about to happen as the Lizard Guy's sword headed right for Corky's heart.

"CORKY!" pretended to care Rocko.

"He does have a big one," targeted Harry wistfully. "Easy target."

Turf, the Hero, jumped into heroick action. He knocked the Lizard Guy's sword from his hand just as it was about to finish Corky. Turf then spun around and lopped off the Lizard Guy's head, saving the day! It fell down dead.

"Nice work, Corky," complimented Turf.

"Oh, it's the old loopity loop shot," scavenger hunted Harry twirling his arms. "Now you all believe in our young Hero?"

"Well, Harry, he sure is good with a sword but that hardly makes him a Hero," philosophicallizized Dade.

"Hey, Sneak. I really am great. I'm the greatest swordsman that ever lived," mad modested Turf. Just past the Lizard Guy corpse was another barred wall with a closed door in it.

"Maybe Dade should go in first?" recommended Rocko.

106. Corky Makes A Bad Deal

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