Part One Hundred Four
Lizard Guys Have Tough Skin

"Hey Harry. A little help over here," said Dade. Which meant a lot of help over here if he was still defining little like he did earlier. Which he probably was. Rocko rolled his eyes as Turf's Big Sword bounced off the Lizard Guy's armor and skin (which was like more armor).

"Oh shit," crapped Turf. "Sorry, Lizard Guy. Just kidding, you know?" Corky jumped out from behind Turf and hacked up the Lizard Guy with his Short Sword.

"Hey! Corky! Look out!" protected Turf. The Lizard Guy turned to attack Corky since it looked like he was the biggest threat of the bunch.

"Good job, Corky!" said Rocko who liked the way Corky lured the Lizard Guy into attacking him. Turf, trying to protect Corky, bounced his Big Sword off the Lizard Guy's skin again.

"I attack with my most blunt mace," preclaimed Rocko. His mace bounced off the Lizard Guy's skin too. "Darn. Should we, uhm, run away?"

"No, Corky can hurt it," pep talked Turf. "I can't let Corky have the last shot on it."

"Well, at least let us in the room so we can all try to hurt it," shoved Dade.

"I've go no Magick left which means I am now rendered pretty much useless," admitted Harry, coming to terms with his uselessness.

105. Turf Saves The Day

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