Part One Hundred Three
Another Epic Fight Again

"Easy Corky. No sudden movements," taught Turf. He turned to the Lizard Guy. "Do you know where the Cyclops is?"

"Have them run in and we'll close the gate," strategized Dade evilly. "I mean, have them run out, of course. Sorry, Rocko, still a little bitter," said Dade changing the whole meaning of 'little'.

"Turf, you're sick in the head! Listen, that's not your mom! Come here!" shouted Rocko strangely.

"He may have some useful information for us," stupefied Turf. The Lizard Guy attacked Turf.

"He doesn't speak Grunionianese," spated Rocko.

"Ask him what his favorite food is, Turf." Dade guessed it was probably Turf.

"Perhaps it's Surf and Turf," guessed Harry too.

"See, he's just a guy like us," explained Turf. Meaning violent and ready to attack anything that moves. It missed its attack. "C'mon, Lizard Guy. If you tell me where the Cyclops is, I'll let you travel with us."

"What sssssssssssyclopssssss?" asked the Lizard Guy in Lizard Guyish (which is a lot like Grunionianese but with more S's).

"You know, big guy with one eye? Wandering around the cavern?" convincerated Turf. Who then attacked instead of waiting for an answer. "Seen anyone like that?"

104. Lizard Guys Have Tough Skin

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